Whose to blame for the Packers Offensive Struggles?


The Packers are having their worst statical season since Aaron Rodgers has been the starting QB. Everyone is struggling. Why is it? Who is responsible? Can it be fixed?

Reason One: The loss of Jordy Nelson
To the least, Jordy Nelson really made this offense deadly. Without him, the whole offensive scheme has been completely ruined. The loss of his vertical ability has killed this offense.

Reason Two: The running backs and wide receivers are underachieving.
Eddie Lacy is just having a horrid year, being injured and can’t get anything going. James Starks has done well, but he too has been injured. Randall Cobb has been injured and can’t get separation. Davante Adams has been a hit or miss, James Jones has been a pleasant surprise but has slowed down in recent weeks, Jeff Janis is invisible. Richard Rodgers has been ok, but isn’t much of a upgrade from the injured Andrew Quarless.

Reason Three: O – line Struggles
Most of the offensive line has taken a step back. Bryan Bulaga has struggled to regain form, David Bakhtiari hasn’t been impressive, Josh Sitton seems to lost a step, and Corey Linsley seems to be having communication problems with Aaron Rodgers. Only T.J Lang has done well as last year.

Reason Four: Offensive play calling
Since Tom Clements has been calling the shots, the offense has regressed. It’s not exactly his fault, but problems have been rising since Mike McCarthy gave up play calling.

So…can it be fixed?
For one, adjust the offense to the players, not the players to the offense. Second get Eddie Lacy going, he isn’t starting but really needs encouragment. Thrid let Aaron Rodgers do his thing. Hopefully these issues will be resolved.


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