The Jaguars have a foundation despite the lack of wins


Do the Jaguars suck? Oh yeah. But are they doomed? I think not.

Despite the lack of wins, there are some bright spots.

First of all, this is a young team, this isn’t a bunch of declining veterans, this a bunch of young players entering their 2nd year (Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Telvin Smith, Aaron Colvin) or 1st year being a full time starter (Jeremy Parnell, Dan Skuta, Davon House, Sergio Brown)

Second, the reason we are losing is not due to the lack of talent, it’s the coaching. I think that Gus Bradley, all the Defensive and Special Team coaches need to be axed. I think General Manager David Caldwell has done well finding talent.

Thrid, we arnt getting blown out, other then the Patriots game, the Jaguars have looked competitive, until they find a way to lose.

The Jaguars, had they not shot themselves or missing field goals, would have a record of 3-3. But the fact is that they are making the same mistakes.

That’s not the lack of talent, it’s the lack of disciplined coaching.


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