Week 3 Predictions


Last week: 7-9
Overall: 17-15

Washington (1-1) at N.Y Giants (0-2)
Outcome: N.Y Giants
Why: The past two weeks the Giants have shot themselves in the foot. The Redskins have done better then expected. But if the Giants don’t win, Tom Coughlin will be in trouble.

Atlanta (2-0) at Dallas (2-0)
Outcome: Atlanta
Why: Brandon Weeden played pretty well at Philadelphia. However he is not Tony Romo. That makes a difference in this game.

Indianapolis (0-2) at Tennessee (1-1)
Outcome: Indianapolis
Why: Wow, the Colts look horrible. Andrew Luck didn’t play like he usually does. The Colts need to get their act together before they fall even farther.

Oakland (1-1) at Cleveland (1-1)
Outcome: Oakland
Why: Johnny Football made his presence known last week. However the Raiders rebounded and beat the Ravens. Amari Cooper looks pretty special.

Cincinnati (2-0) at Baltimore (0-2)
Outcome: Baltimore
Why: The Ravens need to dig themselves about of this hole before it’s to late

Jacksonville (1-1) at New England (2-0)
Outcome: New England
Why: The Jags won a September game! Wow, that’s a good surprise. However, the Pats are hot and will probably embarrass the youthful Jags.

New Orleans (0-2) at Carolina (2-0)
Outcome: Carolina
Why: It has been a nightmare season for the Saints, and now that Drew Brees is hurt, wow they sucked even with him. The overachieving Panthers can’t get a better chance to show the critics (including myself) what they are made of.

Philadelphia (0-2) at N.Y Jets (2-0)
Outcome: N.Y Jets
Why: Chip Kelly is starting to look more and more foolish as his team is struggling to do really anything. The Jets, especially Ryan Fitzpatrick look reborn.

Tampa Bay (1-1) at Houston (0-2) 
Outcome: Houston
Why: So far not good for the Hard Knocks team of the Texans. They need to rebound quickly. Facing a rookie QB will give them a advantage.

San Diego (1-1) at Minnesota (1-1)
Outcome: Minnesota
Why: The Vikings looked like the team that many were excited to see last week. I think that A.P will have a monster game.

Pittsburgh (1-1) at St. Louis (1-1)
Outcome: Pittsburgh
Why: How do you beat the Seahawks then lose to the Redskins the next week? Talk about inconsistency. The Steelers offense? Good luck with that one.

San Francisco (1-1) at Arizona (2-0)
Outcome: Arizona
Why: My oh my. The Cardinals look pretty dominant with Carson Palmer under center. The 49ers will struggle to stop him.

Buffalo (1-1) at Miami (1-1)
Outcome: Buffalo
Why: The Bills defense was shredded by the Pats. The Dolphins lost to the Jags. Both teams need a reboot. Rex Ryan or Joe Philbin needs to figure it out quickly 

Chicago (0-2) at Seattle (0-2)
Outcome: Seattle
Why: The Bears defense can’t put any kind of pressure on the QB. Russell Wilson is the last person you want to not be pressured.

Denver (2-0) at Detroit (0-2)
Outcome: Detroit
Why: My upset of the week, I just believe that the Broncos are a team who is still figuring out their offense. Megatron knows his offense pretty well.

Kansas City (1-1) at Green Bay (2-0)
Outcome: Green Bay
Why: Aaron Rodgers is simply historically unstoppable at home. The Chiefs have Alex Smith…eh?


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