Week 1 predictions


Week 1 Predictions

Pittsburgh at New England

Outcome: New England

Reason: The return of Tom Brady and the suspension of Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell will give the Pats the win.

Green Bay at Chicago

Outcome: Green Bay

Reason: Da Bears have no heathy receivers and combined with the power of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers just makes this game easy to determine

Kansas City at Houston

Outcome: Kansas City

Reason: Without Arian Foster, the
Texans lack a offensive threat and with Kansas City’s rebooted receiving core, the Chiefs seems to have the better offense.

Cleveland at N.Y Jets

Outcome: N.Y Jets

Reason: Honestly does Cleveland have anyone that can score? As mediocre as he is, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a whole lot better then Josh McCown. Brandon Marshall helps too.

Indianapolis at Buffalo

Outcome: Buffalo

Reason: It’s a upset, but I believe that Buffalo’s defense is one of the only defenses that can contain Andrew Luck. Just ask Aaron Rodgers.

Miami at Washington

Outcome: Miami

Reason: It’s just a mess, the Skins are in panic mode, new Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is going to destroy the Skins offensive line. Scary.

Carolina at Jacksonville

Outcome: Jacksonville

Reason: If there is any more of a good time to show themselves then now? The Panthers have no receivers, the Jags has some. In addition, Blake Bortles will show his growth.

Seattle at St. Louis

Outcome: Seattle

Reason: The Rams have been a popular candidate to be a playoff team. I disagree. Nick Foles has not looked good and having the best defensive line doesn’t matter if you can’t cover Seahawk TE Jimmy Graham.

New Orleans at Arizona

Outcome: Arizona

Reason: The Cardinals were the most dominant team till Carson Palmer tore his ACL. I think the Cardinals will surprise people. However, don’t count out Saints QB Drew Brees. It will be a close game.

Detroit at San Diego

Outcome: Detroit

Reason: While the loss of Suh hurts the Lions, they still have a good defense otherwise, and the Chargers have their fair share of playmakers. Who ever has the best run  game will win.

Tennessee at Tampa Bay

Outcome: Tampa Bay

Reason: Bucs QB Jameis Winston hasn’t impressed much but the defense of the Buccaneers are better the Titans offense. Bucs HB Doug Martin could surprise some.

Cincinnati at Oakland

Outcome: Cincinnati

Reason: The Raiders will surprise many this year. However the Bengals have been more consistent and that alone will get them the victory.

Baltimore at Denver

Outcome: Denver

Reason: The Broncos simply have more talent on offense then the Ravens. While defense wins championships, offense puts numbers on the board.

N.Y Giants at Dallas

Ouctome: Dallas

Reason: The Cowboys lost DeMarco Murray but they still have everyone else. The Giants defense doesn’t wow anyone and the Giants offensive line is unproven.

Philadelphia at Atlanta

Outcome: Philadelphia

Reason: Here comes Eagle QB Sam Bradford, if heathy, the Eagles might live to their preseason hype. The Falcons will improve but usually takes time.

Minnesota at San Francisco

Outcome: Minnesota

Reason: The Vikings look like the best up and coming team in league. San Francisco? Talk about damaged goods. They lost pretty much everyone. This might get messy.


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