Week 3 Predictions


Last week: 7-9
Overall: 17-15

Washington (1-1) at N.Y Giants (0-2)
Outcome: N.Y Giants
Why: The past two weeks the Giants have shot themselves in the foot. The Redskins have done better then expected. But if the Giants don’t win, Tom Coughlin will be in trouble.

Atlanta (2-0) at Dallas (2-0)
Outcome: Atlanta
Why: Brandon Weeden played pretty well at Philadelphia. However he is not Tony Romo. That makes a difference in this game.

Indianapolis (0-2) at Tennessee (1-1)
Outcome: Indianapolis
Why: Wow, the Colts look horrible. Andrew Luck didn’t play like he usually does. The Colts need to get their act together before they fall even farther.

Oakland (1-1) at Cleveland (1-1)
Outcome: Oakland
Why: Johnny Football made his presence known last week. However the Raiders rebounded and beat the Ravens. Amari Cooper looks pretty special.

Cincinnati (2-0) at Baltimore (0-2)
Outcome: Baltimore
Why: The Ravens need to dig themselves about of this hole before it’s to late

Jacksonville (1-1) at New England (2-0)
Outcome: New England
Why: The Jags won a September game! Wow, that’s a good surprise. However, the Pats are hot and will probably embarrass the youthful Jags.

New Orleans (0-2) at Carolina (2-0)
Outcome: Carolina
Why: It has been a nightmare season for the Saints, and now that Drew Brees is hurt, wow they sucked even with him. The overachieving Panthers can’t get a better chance to show the critics (including myself) what they are made of.

Philadelphia (0-2) at N.Y Jets (2-0)
Outcome: N.Y Jets
Why: Chip Kelly is starting to look more and more foolish as his team is struggling to do really anything. The Jets, especially Ryan Fitzpatrick look reborn.

Tampa Bay (1-1) at Houston (0-2) 
Outcome: Houston
Why: So far not good for the Hard Knocks team of the Texans. They need to rebound quickly. Facing a rookie QB will give them a advantage.

San Diego (1-1) at Minnesota (1-1)
Outcome: Minnesota
Why: The Vikings looked like the team that many were excited to see last week. I think that A.P will have a monster game.

Pittsburgh (1-1) at St. Louis (1-1)
Outcome: Pittsburgh
Why: How do you beat the Seahawks then lose to the Redskins the next week? Talk about inconsistency. The Steelers offense? Good luck with that one.

San Francisco (1-1) at Arizona (2-0)
Outcome: Arizona
Why: My oh my. The Cardinals look pretty dominant with Carson Palmer under center. The 49ers will struggle to stop him.

Buffalo (1-1) at Miami (1-1)
Outcome: Buffalo
Why: The Bills defense was shredded by the Pats. The Dolphins lost to the Jags. Both teams need a reboot. Rex Ryan or Joe Philbin needs to figure it out quickly 

Chicago (0-2) at Seattle (0-2)
Outcome: Seattle
Why: The Bears defense can’t put any kind of pressure on the QB. Russell Wilson is the last person you want to not be pressured.

Denver (2-0) at Detroit (0-2)
Outcome: Detroit
Why: My upset of the week, I just believe that the Broncos are a team who is still figuring out their offense. Megatron knows his offense pretty well.

Kansas City (1-1) at Green Bay (2-0)
Outcome: Green Bay
Why: Aaron Rodgers is simply historically unstoppable at home. The Chiefs have Alex Smith…eh?


Week 2 Predictions


Last Week: 10-6
Overall: 10-6

Denver (1-0) at Kansas City (1-0)
Outcome: Denver
Why: Denver beat a similar opponent in Baltimore. In this divisional showdown, Denver should win by a thread. 

Houston (0-1) at Carolina (1-0)
Outcome: Houston
Why: Both teams had rather lackluster performances last week. The Texans might not have a QB, but the defense makes up for it.

San Francisco (1-0) at Pittsburgh (1-0)
Outcome: Pittsburgh
Why: The 49ers actually looked pretty impressive last week. However Big Ben leads a offensive juggernaut that is too much for any team to handle.

Detroit (0-1) at Minnesota (0-1)
Outcome: Detroit
Why: Eek. The Vikings looked pretty bad while the Lions barley lost. If the Vikings got murdered by the 49ers, then the Lions should come out on top.

Tampa Bay (0-1) at New Orleans (0-1)
Outcome: New Orleans
Why: The Buccaneers defense completely disappeared as they let a rookie QB throw 4 touchdowns and let a underachieving running back run 74 yards. Saints is far more explosive.

Arizona (1-0) at Chicago (0-1)
Outcome: Arizona
Why: The Bears looked improved, but with a heathy Carson Palmer and a stronger defense, it’s going to be another close loss.

New England (1-0) at Buffalo (1-0)
Outcome: New England
Why: How about them Bills? Well the Patriots unlike the Colts, are far more balanced and coached. As long they have Tom Brady, the Pats are on top.

San Diego (1-0) at Cincinnati (1-0)
Outcome: Cincinnati
Why: Both teams are fairly similar, but I think the Bengals will be motivated by their loss to the Chargers from the 2013 playoffs.

Tennessee (1-0) at Cleveland (0-1)
Outcome: Cleveland
Why: Hmmmm…. I want to say Tennessee however I just have a feeling Johnny Manziel will spark the offense…I go with the home team.

Atlanta (1-0) at N.Y Giants (0-1)
Outcome: N.Y Giants
Why: The Giants almost beat the Cowboys. The Falcons beat the Eagles…I think that the Giants will win due to home field advantage.

St. Louis (1-0) at Washington (0-1)
Outcome: St. Louis
I’ll never take preseason seriously again. If the Rams can beat the Seahawks, then they can definitely beat the Skins

Miami (1-0) at Jacksonville (0-1)
Outcome: Miami
Why: Jags don’t look any different from last year. So like last year, the Dolphins will win again.

Baltimore (0-1) at Oakland (0-1)
Outcome: Baltimore
Why: It sucks to lose someone like Terrell Suggs for the whole year. But the way the Raiders played last week, Baltimore probably win this game even without a defense.

Dallas (1-0) at Philadelphia (0-1)
Outcome: Philadelphia
Why: Got some bad blood here. Dallas barley beat the Giants at home, so they probably won’t beat the Eagles at Philadelphia.

Seattle (0-1) at Green Bay (1-0)
Outcome: Green Bay
Why: Had the Packers not commited self-destruction, they would have won last year. Being at Lambeau, gives the Pack a extra factor to assist them.

N.Y Jets (1-0) at Indianapolis (0-1)
Outcome: Indianapolis
Why: Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t Andrew Luck. And being in Indianapolis isn’t easy. Just saying.

Week 1 predictions


Week 1 Predictions

Pittsburgh at New England

Outcome: New England

Reason: The return of Tom Brady and the suspension of Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell will give the Pats the win.

Green Bay at Chicago

Outcome: Green Bay

Reason: Da Bears have no heathy receivers and combined with the power of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers just makes this game easy to determine

Kansas City at Houston

Outcome: Kansas City

Reason: Without Arian Foster, the
Texans lack a offensive threat and with Kansas City’s rebooted receiving core, the Chiefs seems to have the better offense.

Cleveland at N.Y Jets

Outcome: N.Y Jets

Reason: Honestly does Cleveland have anyone that can score? As mediocre as he is, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a whole lot better then Josh McCown. Brandon Marshall helps too.

Indianapolis at Buffalo

Outcome: Buffalo

Reason: It’s a upset, but I believe that Buffalo’s defense is one of the only defenses that can contain Andrew Luck. Just ask Aaron Rodgers.

Miami at Washington

Outcome: Miami

Reason: It’s just a mess, the Skins are in panic mode, new Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is going to destroy the Skins offensive line. Scary.

Carolina at Jacksonville

Outcome: Jacksonville

Reason: If there is any more of a good time to show themselves then now? The Panthers have no receivers, the Jags has some. In addition, Blake Bortles will show his growth.

Seattle at St. Louis

Outcome: Seattle

Reason: The Rams have been a popular candidate to be a playoff team. I disagree. Nick Foles has not looked good and having the best defensive line doesn’t matter if you can’t cover Seahawk TE Jimmy Graham.

New Orleans at Arizona

Outcome: Arizona

Reason: The Cardinals were the most dominant team till Carson Palmer tore his ACL. I think the Cardinals will surprise people. However, don’t count out Saints QB Drew Brees. It will be a close game.

Detroit at San Diego

Outcome: Detroit

Reason: While the loss of Suh hurts the Lions, they still have a good defense otherwise, and the Chargers have their fair share of playmakers. Who ever has the best run  game will win.

Tennessee at Tampa Bay

Outcome: Tampa Bay

Reason: Bucs QB Jameis Winston hasn’t impressed much but the defense of the Buccaneers are better the Titans offense. Bucs HB Doug Martin could surprise some.

Cincinnati at Oakland

Outcome: Cincinnati

Reason: The Raiders will surprise many this year. However the Bengals have been more consistent and that alone will get them the victory.

Baltimore at Denver

Outcome: Denver

Reason: The Broncos simply have more talent on offense then the Ravens. While defense wins championships, offense puts numbers on the board.

N.Y Giants at Dallas

Ouctome: Dallas

Reason: The Cowboys lost DeMarco Murray but they still have everyone else. The Giants defense doesn’t wow anyone and the Giants offensive line is unproven.

Philadelphia at Atlanta

Outcome: Philadelphia

Reason: Here comes Eagle QB Sam Bradford, if heathy, the Eagles might live to their preseason hype. The Falcons will improve but usually takes time.

Minnesota at San Francisco

Outcome: Minnesota

Reason: The Vikings look like the best up and coming team in league. San Francisco? Talk about damaged goods. They lost pretty much everyone. This might get messy.

The RGIII Drama: A sad twist of fate


Let me say one thing, when Robert Griffin III came out of Baylor in the 2012 NFL Draft, I was one of his bigger supporters. In fact, I ranked RGIII as the best player of the draft, ahead of Stanford star Andrew Luck. RGIII had amazing athletic ability, and had so much upside. What makes this such a twist of fate is that destiny started to destroy RGIII. Once, not long ago, RGIII was one the most exciting players in all of sports. Now? He is the poster child for failure. What brings up the question. What caused RGIII’S downfall? There are many factors.

1. Injuries
To say that RGIII never recovered after tearing his ACL in the 2012 Playoffs is a understatement. RGIII’s career completely fell apart afterwords. RGIII’s knee injury forced him to completely change his style of play. He could no longer rely on his legs, he now had to be a pocket passer. Well, that is not who RGIII is or will ever be. It also forced RGIII to adapt, which has contributed to him taking sacks, making bad decisions which forced him to hesitate. RGIII became a shell of his former self.

2. Horrid coaching
Jay Gruden might be the least productive coach in the league. How is RGIII supposed to succed if his own coaching staff could care less? Mike Shanahan became too dependent on RGIII after his injury and unintentionally pressured RGIII to recover from his injury too soon. Also changing his offensive scheme didn’t do RGIII any favors. Jay Gruden is the opposite. Jay Gruden was hired to fix RGIII and Jay has done the complete opposite. RGIII got worse, and Jay constantly called him out. This offseason, Jay claimed that RGIII was the unquestioned starter. That didn’t last even into the last preseason game. After RGIII’S concussion, Jay immediately named Kirk Cousins the starter, claiming it was a “easy” decision. Wait what? Obviously Jay doesn’t know a thing about keeping his word. RGIII probably doesn’t trust Jay, and quite frankly I wouldn’t ether.

3. Miscommunication within the front office
To show the Skins commitment to RGIII, they took his option which will pay him 15 million next year. So in a sense, they are paying RGIII to be on the bench. The Skins sacrificed a lot to receive RGIII which is why they still support him. In fact, the G.M Drafted Brandon Scherff this year to protect RGIII. It seems like the organization and the coaching staff are on completely different mindsets. A organization and their players can’t succed without a consistent goal.

4. RGIII’s attitude
Granted, the relationship between RGIII’s and the fans/media is very toxic. RGIII hasn’t helped himself ether, but the lack of support and the media criticism makes the whole situation worse. Also being thrown under the bus by your head coach doesn’t help

So……what’s next?
Ether the coaching staff has to go or RGIII or maybe both. One thing is sure: RGIII will not succed in the environment he is in. A change of scenery might be best.