The NFL has lost integrity with the Tom Brady suspension


Wow I thought Roger Goodell was a idiot, now I think he is a man with no brain.

I love the NFL, that won’t change but this decision made by Roger Goodell with Tom Brady disgusts me. Look at the logic here: breaking the law, and beating up woman is okay but destroying your cell phone? That is criminal! Man are you serious? He gives Letroy Guion a 3 game suspension for selling cocaine. He gave Ray Rice a 2 game suspension for smacking his wife before extending it to avoid more public outcry. He gives Tom Brady a 4 game suspension, no actually solid evidence, for deflating a football. Isn’t there something wrong here? I understand he is the commissioner, the NFL is a billion dollar business, yes I get it. But he has to make decisions that MAKE SENSE. I don’t understand why there isn’t more public outcry about this. We have a commissioner here who values are as good as the Kardashians modeling naked pictures for the world to see. Really, just because Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls doesn’t mean he is any different then his peers. Heck, he probably views Aaron Hernandez better than Tom Brady. This is a mess which Roger Goodell refuses to clean up.


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