NFL Opinion: With Guion suspension, the suspension for Tom Brady needs to be dropped.


For the integrity of the NFL, the Deflategate crap needs to end. Here is why. First of all, suspending a player with no solid evidence is ridiculous. Second of all, if you are saying that Tom Brady allegedly deflating footballs is worse then Letroy Guion BREAKING the LAW, then you are simply a nut. Thrid, this could have never started. If Rodger Goddell simply denounced the Deflategate allegations, none of this would have happened. Now it’s costing the NFL with bad publicly, millions of dollars, and unfair allegations towards a future hall of famer and a successful franchise. If the suspension for Tom Brady stands, then Rodger Goddell will be the closet person to communism then any other sports figure. The “enforcer” and the NFL, will lose its integrity.


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