Jacksonville Jaguars: My expectations


David Caldwell has brought the franchise to his image, now it’s time for progress.

When David Caldwell became general manager after the 2012 season, where the Jaguars officially became the laughing stock of the NFL, he had some work to do

Head Coach?
Franchise Quarterback?
Draft Classes?
Free Agents?

I expect improvement in one category: wins. The Jaguars have finished 7-25, the past two years under Caldwell and Head Coach Gus Bradley. Taking over from Gene Smith, Mike Murakley and Blaine Gabbert, he even publicly stated, that it would be needed time for a foundation. Okay understandable but I have waited for two years, I have seen glimpses of potential. The beatdown of Cleveland, the comeback against Coughlin’s Giants, were highlights, but a 3-13 record won’t spark any inspiration. Honestly expecting a 6-10 record next year isn’t exactly asking too much. Anything lower than that at this point is unacceptable. And it that happens I want a redo, a rebuild…..again.


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