The NFL has lost integrity with the Tom Brady suspension


Wow I thought Roger Goodell was a idiot, now I think he is a man with no brain.

I love the NFL, that won’t change but this decision made by Roger Goodell with Tom Brady disgusts me. Look at the logic here: breaking the law, and beating up woman is okay but destroying your cell phone? That is criminal! Man are you serious? He gives Letroy Guion a 3 game suspension for selling cocaine. He gave Ray Rice a 2 game suspension for smacking his wife before extending it to avoid more public outcry. He gives Tom Brady a 4 game suspension, no actually solid evidence, for deflating a football. Isn’t there something wrong here? I understand he is the commissioner, the NFL is a billion dollar business, yes I get it. But he has to make decisions that MAKE SENSE. I don’t understand why there isn’t more public outcry about this. We have a commissioner here who values are as good as the Kardashians modeling naked pictures for the world to see. Really, just because Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls doesn’t mean he is any different then his peers. Heck, he probably views Aaron Hernandez better than Tom Brady. This is a mess which Roger Goodell refuses to clean up.


NFL Opinion: With Guion suspension, the suspension for Tom Brady needs to be dropped.


For the integrity of the NFL, the Deflategate crap needs to end. Here is why. First of all, suspending a player with no solid evidence is ridiculous. Second of all, if you are saying that Tom Brady allegedly deflating footballs is worse then Letroy Guion BREAKING the LAW, then you are simply a nut. Thrid, this could have never started. If Rodger Goddell simply denounced the Deflategate allegations, none of this would have happened. Now it’s costing the NFL with bad publicly, millions of dollars, and unfair allegations towards a future hall of famer and a successful franchise. If the suspension for Tom Brady stands, then Rodger Goddell will be the closet person to communism then any other sports figure. The “enforcer” and the NFL, will lose its integrity.

Jacksonville Jaguars: My expectations


David Caldwell has brought the franchise to his image, now it’s time for progress.

When David Caldwell became general manager after the 2012 season, where the Jaguars officially became the laughing stock of the NFL, he had some work to do

Head Coach?
Franchise Quarterback?
Draft Classes?
Free Agents?

I expect improvement in one category: wins. The Jaguars have finished 7-25, the past two years under Caldwell and Head Coach Gus Bradley. Taking over from Gene Smith, Mike Murakley and Blaine Gabbert, he even publicly stated, that it would be needed time for a foundation. Okay understandable but I have waited for two years, I have seen glimpses of potential. The beatdown of Cleveland, the comeback against Coughlin’s Giants, were highlights, but a 3-13 record won’t spark any inspiration. Honestly expecting a 6-10 record next year isn’t exactly asking too much. Anything lower than that at this point is unacceptable. And it that happens I want a redo, a rebuild…..again.