2015 NFL Offseason Grades


Best Moves

1. Buffalo acquires RB LeSean McCoy
A lot of people question this move, I honestly think this is a steal. Getting a former All-Pro Running back for a player who didn’t play last year is simply unfair. The Bills have depth that Kiko Alonso is no longer needed. LeSean, already the Eagles all time rusher, is under 30 years and has plenty left in the tank.

2. Arizona signs G Mike Iupati
Why the 49ers used money to sign Torrey Smith instead of resigning Mike Iupati is beyond my reasoning. Mike, a All-Pro guard in his prime, upgrades the Cardinals o – line incredibly, and gives the Cardinals a stellar left side with Jared Veldheer.

3. Green Bay retains WR Randall Cobb and T Byran Bulaga
Resigning both these, in their prime young players to 4 year deals is simply mind blowing. This is why Green Bay continues to dominate, it retains its own players instead of gambling for a different option

4. Houston signs DT Vince Wilfork
Pairing Vince Wilfork with JJ Watt will give offensive linemen nightmires. Vince is old, however is still one of the best run stuffing tackles in the league. Yikes

5. San Diego signs G/OT Orlando Franklin
San Diego needs interior o – line help, Orlando Franklin is a great fix. A top 10 guard, Orlando protected Tebow and Manning, and is also a stud right tackle. Orlando gives Philip Rivers a huge boost.

6. Miami signs WR Greg Jennings
Greg Jennings isn’t a No.1 receiver, but he is a stellar No.2 option. He is a good route runner and a upgrade over Brian Hartline. Only paying 4 million is quite the steal.

7. Cleveland signs DT Randy Starks
While a older player, Randy is still a top 12 defensive tackle, plus he is a good 3-4 end for the Cleveland defense. Randy is a good pickup.

8. New England signs TE Scott Chandler
This is a great value signing, while Scott isn’t a great T.E, he was a solid starter in Buffalo and gives New England amazing depth, now the Pats have 3 tight ends who can start on other teams.

9. Washington signs DT Terrance Knighton
While the Redskins didn’t absolutely  need him, I was studded he wasn’t getting any interest and signing him 3 million is as big as a bargain as you can get.

10. N.Y Jets get WR Brandon Marshall
Marshall is a headache but his talent is incredible. He is a match up nightmire for any defensive back, while he is older he is definitely worth more than a 5th round pick.


Worst moves

1. Cleveland signs QB Josh McCown
Signing a 35 year old who had a 1-10 season record last year 5.5 million a year was so laughable I had to check the Onion to see if this was a prank. Enough said.

2. Philadelphia signs CB Byron Maxwell Signing Maxwell to 5 million a year would be acceptable, but 10 million? Are you serious? The guy had 3 All-Pro defensive backs around him, and even then he was average. Now he is expected to cover Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham and DeSean Jackson? This move is plain silly.

3. San Francisco fires Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
This is no mutual department, Harbaugh was fired because he wasn’t a favorite of GM Trent Baalke. I truely think Trent Baalke is a bad GM. How do you fire a guy who took over a mediocre team and turned them a play away from becoming Super Bowl Champions? The 49ers will definitely fall back into mediocrity.

4. N.Y Giants sign WR Dwayne Harris
How in hell do you pay a player 5 million who sucks as a receiver and is a mediocre special teamer? What sense does that make? Greg Jennings got paid less then him. GM Jerry Reese makes some confusing transactions.

5. Cleveland signs CB Tramon Williams
Now, Tramon isn’t a bad player but he sure isn’t worth 7 million a year. He is also 33 so he will worsen. He was a okay No.2 option, you don’t pay a aging average corner that much.

6. Denver receives C Gino Gradkowski in a trade
Seriously, you expect Gino to be any better than Will Montgomery? Gino was awful as a starter for Baltimore in 2013, he is a okay backup, trading a 5th round pick for him is honestly a bad joke.

7. N.Y Giants sign OT Marshall Newhouse
The fact that he was signed is a embarrassment, Marshall has never been anything but below average. He has always been a liability. So why sign him?

8. Oakland signs S Nate Allen
Why pay 6 million for a mediocre safety when you already had Tyvon Branch? Yes Branch was hurt but Philadelphia didn’t want Nate back for a reason. Branch got 3 million in Kansas City so it’s a matter of value signing, and Oakland definitely overspent.

9. Jacksonville signs CB Davon House
Now Davon has always been a high potential player but paying him 6 million is ridiculous. He has never been a full time starter and has upside, but he is worth at maximum, 3 million.

10. Dallas signs DE Greg Hardy
When you sign a player 10 million, he better play at least half the season. Oh yeah, wife beater is suspended 10 games. Smart move Jerry Jones


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